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Although the past was painful, it’s my mission to give back through service and lead others down the road of redemption through sharing my testimony, and guiding you through yours.

A Little More About Me

In 2012 Branden was sentenced to 15 years in prison where he would have to face and overcome the trauma and mistakes of his past. During almost a year long stint in solitary confinement he would have his life forever changed for the better. The last 7 years of his incarceration were spent at San Quentin State Prison where he was able to transform his life through completing multiple in-depth self-help/transformational classes, while creating a handful of innovative programs. A couple of Branden’s most meaningful programs were “Coaching 4 Life”, a program designed to better equip youth coaches in teaching authentic masculinity through the context of sports with young athletes and men. Branden also co-created ForwardThis Productions, an incarcerated ran film program that specializes in short videos that humanize the incarcerated while helping restore public safety and reduce mass-incarceration. It was this program that allowed Branden to tap into his storytelling passion and help produce the “Dream Chaser” documentary that is currently making a festival run. 

In addition to coaching Branden continues to work with those both currently and

formerly incarcerated. He organizes community workshops and fundraising

events while working with youth athletes and coaches on teaching authentic

masculinity and transformational coaching.

Public Speaking

Life Coaching


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